A consortium of Microsoft partners who work in a collaborative effort to provide a suite of complementary solutions and services for all your required technologies, under one umbrella!

The partners, industry experts with a rich experience and knowledge in Retail supply chain enablement, including EDI, ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and B1, WMS, e-commerce platform, TMS, Azure, Integrated Document Management and Business Intelligence.

  • Specialized Services

  • Access to all Technologies

  • Reduced Costs & Increased ROI

EDI Providers

EDI Gateway is a leading North American service provider who has been helping small to medium size companies become EDI compliant and e-commerce capable since 1993. Specializing in EDI and B2B applications, EDI Gateway offers an array of solutions and services, both standardized and customized, developed to accommodate and complement the evolving needs and demands of today’s diverse e-market, in a cost-effective fashion.

Sologlobe Partnerships

Warehouse Management System

Sologlobe develops and implements its best-of-breed supply chain optimization systems. SOLOCHAIN is a world-class Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), with implementation sites spanning the globe. This solution allows manufacturing as well as logistics companies to optimize their operations across the supply chain. SOLOCHAIN is a web-based application that provides a scalable and easily adaptable platform, which integrates the latest technologies. Fast, intuitive user interfaces translate into better control, increased mobility, and a more productive workforce.

Business Intelligence

“We make data talk, you make informed decisions” is our value proposition to organizations of all sizes. We achieve this by helping you deploy a customized and cost effective business analytics solution that extracts data from your systems and transforms it into actionable business insights thus enabling you to make informed decisions, improve business performance and increase revenues.

azur group

Treasury Management System

AZURGroup is a Montreal based company that offers cloud solutions to maximize your business efficiency such as our EfinancialSuite to help transform and simplify your treasury.

eCommerce Platform

k-eCommerce is a leading provider of innovative e-commerce solutions integrated to Microsoft Dynamics™ and SAP Business One®. Built on industry best practices, k-eCommerce simplifies and accelerates online sales and offers mid-market businesses a complete omnichannel e-commerce platform to support both B2B and B2C engagement models.

Dynamics365 & Great Plains

Negotium is unique in offering a full and complete Microsoft environment to the mid-market, which includes Management Solutions, Productivity & Infrastructure Solutions and Managed Services. With a team of seasoned experts that cover the entire Microsoft product line and a wide range of other technological solutions, Negotium lies at the heart of businesses of tomorrow by implementing engines of business insights centered on people, process and technology. Above all, what sets Negotium Technologies apart are our complementary products and technologies that create the Negotium 365 Ecosystem.


Surviving in today’s business world often boils down to your ability to adapt rapidly to change — something that’s not always possible with an in-house IT infrastructure. For two decades, we’ve been helping businesses around the world increase agility and trim IT costs by hosting their email and collaboration environments in the cloud. By relieving both channel partners and end-user organizations from the burden of managing infrastructure and software, we make it easier for them to focus on improving user experience and growing their business.

Integrated Document Management

We focus on thorough integrations with market-leading solutions from companies such as Epicor, Microsoft, Sage, and SAP. DocLink lives where you live and works where you need it. We bring paperless solutions to you with the technology that exists in your environment.

Ask us about partnership opportunities and grow with us!

EDI Gateway continues to embark on new partnerships and collaborative efforts, geared towards further innovating and complimenting business solutions that will accommodate your business needs with quality products and services we are able to offer.