EDI Gateway’s 3PL EDI solutions allow you to save on retail distribution compliance charges so that you may concentrate on your core competencies!

With an array of EDI solutions geared towards the specific requirements of the 3rd Party Logistics concerns and challenges, EDI Gateway is bound to have the right EDI solution for you!

Because each retailer has a different set of distribution compliance requirements, it is nearly impossible for a 3rd Party Logistics to be familiar with or specialize in all of them! While some retailers include their business rules in their mapping guidelines, most of them don’t. There is always a risk for non-compliance charge when the 850 EDI Purchase Order is not shipped exactly as required.

Acting as your EDI department, you will benefit from EDI Gateway’s experience in the industry and our most seasoned Customer Care specialists. We are experts in analyzing the various business rules and EDI guidelines which will allow to avoid unnecessary non-compliance charges with retailers across North America.  

In order to help our vendor community optimize performance, we have also incorporated most of these business rules into our Web portal. Each required field is validated to adhere to the mapping requirement of the retailer, and save you time!

In addition, our Fines Committee, which was established over 10 years ago, offers our vendor community the assistance and guidance they may need to dispute and reverse a non-compliance charge they may have incurred. Using data collection and an acknowledgement dashboard allows for both visibility and time tracking of incoming and outgoing transactions received though our system.

On boarding of your customers with all their retailers, regardless of the required EDI transactions!

With our fast and seamless onboarding process, you can rest assured that we will schedule the required trading relationships, with the mandatory EDI transactions, in a short period of time.

We implement EDI transactions such as 850 EDI Purchase Order, 810 EDI invoice, 945 EDI Warehouse Shipping Advice, 940 EDI Warehouse Shipping Order, 856 EDI ASN, and 860 EDI PO Change, to name a few.

Our comprehensive software EDI solution is also capable of generating UCC-128/MH10 labels, as well as reports such as packing slip and pick list. Our main focus is to deliver the data you require to move your goods in a quick and efficient way!

Our experienced EDI consultants will help you assess and define the best practice for you to meet and accommodate the needs of each of your trading relationships. Since each 3PL has its own business model vis-à-vis its respective customers, you will need different data from different customers.

At EDI Gateway, personalizing our service to meet your needs is one of our core values. We will evaluate your specific requirements along with those of your customers, for each new customer that you onboard, while maintaining an outstanding level of customer satisfaction and professionalism!

Don’t take unnecessary risks! Avoid expensive 856 EDI ASNs & EDI non-compliance charges! Trust an EDI provider with an experienced staff who specializes in retail!

Due to the level of expertise required to help you service your customers in a timely fashion, while avoiding unnecessary non-compliance charges, such as late 856 EDI ASN, you need to ensure your EDI provider CAN offer you a team of experienced specialists in your field:

  • Error management / monitoring of acknowledgements (997s)
  • 856 EDI ASN errors/failures and potential non-compliance fines
  • Miscommunication and slower response times due to a lack of understanding and knowledge

EDI Gateway’s software gives you the competitive edge you need to be on top of your game and be able to service your customers within the retail industry.

Streamlining unlimited number of retailers’ modules under a single platform will allow you to deliver the results your clients depend on and expect, thereby increasing proficiency and productivity, and resulting in a high standard of customer satisfaction!

Supply Chain Consulting Services

As Canada’s leading EDI provider, EDI Gateway is committed to providing you with professional consulting services that will assist you in navigating through an environment where EDI is a requirement, and supply chain management is a necessity. Leveraging EDI capabilities will allow you to seize and optimize business opportunities within the retail industry, while reducing cost and increasing productivity.

Our direct relationships with numerous retailers and trading partners result in our successful ability to provide the necessary tools and support needed to meet their specific supply chain requirements and ensure compliance.

EDI Gateway’s trained and dedicated EDI specialists are available to support your EDI needs and compliance testing. We will help you develop the best e-commerce practices for your business, allowing you to increase productivity and improve your supply chain efficiency.

EDI Gateway’s extensive experience with hundreds of retailers and thousands of vendors has allowed us to specialize in supply chain management. We have been able to identify and develop the best Supply Chain Management practices to enable you to deliver results your customers can count on! Our goal is to help you increase your profitability by reducing client operational and administrative overhead costs, and significantly increase customer satisfaction!

Marketing Program for our 3PL partners!

At EDI Gateway, we believe in creating opportunities for our customers to continuously grow. With over 25 years of expertise within the retail industry, we have amassed a network of vendors and retailers that may just be looking for a company like yours!

Our unique programs include backlinks, joint blogging, e-mail marketing and a win-win referral program!

Ask us about partnership opportunities and grow with us!