With the growing global concerns surrounding COVID-19, we wish to reassure you that we remain committed and prepared to continue servicing you with no disruption to your businesses; our systems and platforms are secure and reliable, able to ensure 100% continuity of your document processing.

Due to the increasing number of calls, we encourage you to email us your inquiries directly to support@edigateway.com; a CSR will call you back to assist.

Let’s remain strong and vigilant as together we face this challenge!

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

Stay safe and healthy!

EDI Gateway

Who We Are

EDI Gateway is Canada’s leading EDI Outsourcing Center, providing complete EDI solutions to corporations across North America. Founded in 1993, EDI Gateway is uniquely positioned to offer electronic exchange of business documents and transactions in a simplified fashion, within the supply chain, thereby allowing for a seamless and affordable transition from paper to e-commerce.

With over 7000 trading relationships in retail, and millions of EDI transactions exchanged, EDI Gateway has assisted a wide variety of companies, from small to large multi-nationals, become EDI compliant through a cost-effective, reliable EDI implementation process.

With an impressive Microsoft partnership that includes TAP (Technology adoption program) and a membership on the Partner Executive board, EDI Gateway prides itself in its ability to understand and analyze complex business processes as well as supply chains in order to optimize operations, increase profitability and reduce costs.

Our accomplishments also include certification in ISV (independent software vendor), BI (Business Intelligence) and application data. Being Microsoft Gold Certified and part of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), has allowed us to distinguish ourselves and the solutions we offer. This highest level of certification, under Microsoft’s Partner Network, is a true testament to EDI Gateway’s extraordinary level of commitment, expertise and client care.

EDI Solutions

Why Us?

EDI Gateway’s unparalleled managed services are the best the industry has the offer! Our unique managed services and focus on customer care are the values which distinguishes us from our counterparts!

Some of our loyal customers and employees have been with us since our establishment in 1993. Why? Because they know that they can count on us! Every EDI Gateway employee is responsible for your success and will go the extra mile to help you with the EDI solutions best suited for your specific business needs and requirements.

Our managed services include an unmatched support with daily error management, one-on-one training sessions, a dedicated customer support representative, webinars, tutorials, blogs, tracking tools and user-friendly software. Our team of professionals is also available to assist in cases of vendor disputes of non-compliance charges. With a strong team of EDI experts, your EDI transactions are in good hands!

Over 7000 trading relationships

Leader in EDI since 1993

Million of EDI transactions exchanged daily


Our Customers

come from all types of industries

Our customers make up the best in class in the retail industry! With millions of EDI transactions transmitted to retailers, imports/exports, manufacturers, distributors, service industry as well as labor suppliers, in a secured and reliable fashion, EDI Gateway ensures avoiding unnecessary delays and getting the products on the shelves!






They Trust Us!

MX Client has made our job even easier and it’s more cost effective than having in-house EDI. Customer ser-vice is fantastic and we always get a quick response.

Tosuta has partnered with EDI Gateway for over 10 years… and their Customer Service is first rate.