In today’s global realty where working remotely has become an increasingly necessary common practice, manual processing of business documents is not only costly, but also impractical, and not always feasible, EDI Gateway’s unique, fully supported platform solution, using cutting edge technology, is the EASY and EFFICIENT way of exchanging business documents with your non-EDI supply chain community!

Set yourself apart by offering your non-EDI supply chain community a user-friendly, inexpensive transactional processing web portal, branded as your own!

• Fully Scalable and adaptable web portal
• Retailer Brand visibility
• User interface customized to your specific requirements
• Luxury of choice (customization) front end
• Built-in reports based on your defined KPIs
• Leveraging BI and cutting edge technology
• Eliminate in-house developments costs (high ROI)
• Admin module to allow visibility into your supply chain
• Streamlining non-EDI supply chain community through a uniform model
• Eliminate VAN costs
• Eliminate “testing costs”
• We ensure that data processed conforms to your requirements
• We can provide client support including a unique support telephone line
• Eliminate manual processing of documents such as purchase orders and invoices
• On-premise or cloud hosting
Managed services

Ask us about partnership opportunities and grow with us!

EDI Gateway continues to embark on new partnerships and collaborative efforts, geared towards further innovating and complimenting business solutions that will accommodate your business needs with quality products and services we are able to offer.