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EDI results in benefits for both trading partners by making it easier and more profitable for you to do business with 3M by avoiding costly paper-handling procedures, improving accuracy, shortening cycle time, and enhancing business communications and business processes.

3M Required Transaction Sets and guidelines are available through this link :


EDI 850 Purchase order

EDI 997 Functional Acknowledgement (Transaction that tells 3M that the purchase order was received by the supplier

EDI 855 Purchase Order acknowledgement (POA) (Transaction which tells 3M that the supplier agrees to the purchase order or would like to make changes to the purchase order.)

EDI 810 Invoice

EDI 820 Payment order/Remittance Advice (Transaction which is used to make a payment and/or send a remittance advice.)

3M Required Transaction Sets for Suppliers Participating in e-SMI Programs :

EDI 830 Forecast data

EDI 852 Product Activity Data

To set-up with 3M, please click here info@edigateway.com

To set-up with 3M, please click here

Pour configurer avec 3M,S'il vous plaît cliquez ici