EDI Gateway is an actor in application of EDI in business since 1993. Being a 3rd party provider since then, we geared to offer complete EDI solutions to manufacturers working in the retail industry across North America. This free e-book is an overview of EDI. It was written to allow the reader to familiarize themselves and understand the history and definition of EDI, what is EDI and how does EDI work. You will also  learn what the EDI process flow entails and the associated costs, while addressing standard EDI transactions. You will therefore understand the uses and advantages of EDIThe purpose of this whitepaper is to educate you on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). It has been written with the novice end user in mind but will also benefit those who are technically minded. Regardless of your line of business or job function, we hope to teach you something valuable that you can apply to your next EDI project.

EDI Chronology
EDI is used to some degree in nearly every industry. It has become widely adopted because it offers companies the ability to become more efficient and productive, and thereby more competitive.
What Does EDI Look like?
An EDI document is the electronic equivalent of a paper document such as a purchase order or invoice, for example. Download What is EDI e-book to get a free EDI Transaction Sets included.
How Does EDI Work?
EDI is a batch process in which transactions are grouped together into one or more files and are all transmitted at the same time. One trading partner is the sender (outbound) and one trading partner is the receiver (inbound). Both trading partners become senders and receivers throughout the relationship.
Sender and Receiver
Someone who is a supplier must become EDI compliant by following the instructions set out in the implementation guide published by the driver.
Data Transport
Traditionally a Value Added Network (VAN) is used as the go-between for trading partners. The sender’s computer dials-up and drops off a file to the VAN, which in turn stores the file in an electronic mailbox. Download What is EDI e-book to get free explanatory charts.
Which Data Transport Method should you use?
How much does Data Transport Cost?
Data Translation
Data Transformation
The Mapping Process
Why is there so much mapping going on?
Who provides the Mapping Software?
How much does Data Transformation cost?
Data Integration
How much does Data Integration cost?
Add-on Technologies for Companies Involved in the Supply Chain
How much do Add-on Technologies cost?
EDI Outsourcing: An Alternative to Data Transport, Data Translation and Data Transformation
How much does EDI Outsourcing cost?