How EDI Gateway adds value to ERP system for ISV and SI partners

How EDI Gateway adds value to ERP system for ISV and SI partners

ERP system integrator key factors

System integration is a major challenge in many industries. When considering an ERP system integrator, clients must consider the following key factors:

Knowledge of the ERP system of choice

Consulting methodology and tool-set.

Focus on the non-technical

Organizational structure

ERP implementation success factors


Supply chain and ERP system

The supply chain processes are a major part of integration; they must to be evaluated thoroughly, and improved upon. Given the lengthy timeline required to complete each implementation, time remains a significant concern for all stakeholders involved.

The main purpose of changing your ERP system is to optimize your business processes through automation, thereby maximizing productivity and profit.  The clients need their integration provider to understand their business challenges and be able to address them through a qualified ISV/System Integrator.


The supply chain is a complex process in which operational and strategic decisions have to be made. From a global point of view, the analysis of a supply chain focuses on three distinct stages:

Raw Material supply

Manufacturing process



The challenges of today’s supply chains are further complicated by the increasing requirement and demand for a Direct to Customer and/or Drop Ship program within the retail industry.


How does EDI Gateway fit in?

How can we assist you to overcome such challenges and add value to ISV/System Integrator portfolio of excellent services?

Over the past 23 years, EDI Gateway has developed expertise in retail industry. We have extensive knowledge of the industry’s requirements, complexities and we have assisted manufacturers, distributors and retailers, who have implemented EDI, to increase their efficiency and profits through streamlined supply chains and business processes.


Although implementing an ERP system can be a long and daunting process, requiring months of testing, change management, training, and a variety of business process improvements, the concern remains: how will we continue to service our customers as well as ensure uninterrupted EDI transmission cycle? Will we face downtime? Will we have to change our business process in the interim? Will this new implementation risk compromising our trading partner relationships? Will we risk losing sales due to errors and oversights? And finally, will our cash flow be affected by delayed payments? While implementing a new ERP system will be a considerable investment for your client, the interim outsourcing of their EDI, to EDI Gateway, until deployment, is a minimal.  It will undoubtedly save them a tremendous amount of time, and help them avoid unnecessary errors, loss of sales and cash flow.


With maps developed for over 300 retailers across North America, all you need is a simple set-up process to come on board and benefit from our reliable EDI expertise in order to ensure that your EDI process continues in a seamless fashion, and without disruption, until the implementation has been successfully completed and deployed.

No binding contracts

No mapping fees

Extensive Managed Services

Dedicated Customer Service representative


For as little time or for as long as you need to implement the ERP system and integrate!

In addition, our Managed Services include VAN services. Once EDI is fully integrated with your ERP system, we can provide the VAN service to your customer at competitive prices. We welcome you to our fast growing network of partners and hope to have the pleasure of working with you!


We offer a competitive referral program and strive to develop win-win relationships.


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EDI Gateway, your partner for EDI solutions and business transactions  EDI Gateway, your partner for EDI solutions and business transactions  EDI Gateway, your partner for EDI solutions and business transactions  EDI Gateway, your partner for EDI solutions and business transactions  EDI Gateway, your partner for EDI solutions and business transactions

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Sophie Barbara Desilets

EDI Gateway has been a Microsoft Gold Partner Since 2008 including Webgate+ SQL Gold Certified.  Our accomplishments include; Past BIZTALK TAP program member and Competency in Application Development, Data Platform & Intelligent systems (BI).  In addition, we are a proud member of the Partner Engagement Board Since 2011 and a Board Member of IAMCP Eastern Canada.


When well executed, EDI implementation plan will solidify relationships with your suppliers and make your business compliant to achieve greater efficiency.

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