EDI video tutorials for Publix’s retailers

EDI video tutorials for Publix’s retailers

Are you a Publix’s vendor using our EDI Webgate+ application?  Here are some quick and easy videos to help you navigate through our Web EDI portal.

For straters, we had written an EDI implementation guide in order to help you becoming EDI compliant with Publix. This will contain all the explanations you need to understand Publix’s EDI process flow. In this blog, you will have access to EDI tutorials to guide you through transaction setup.EDI diagram - EDI process flow

Before anything : create your profile on Webgate+


1. Receive your purchase order


2. Create and send invoice on Webgate+

1.  What are our service bureau requirements for Publix ?


Thank you for choosing EDI Gateway


Doing EDI with Publix and what are the required EDI Transactions

Not familiar with Publix EDI business rules ?

Here is a blogpost that explaning all of mandatory EDI transactions regarding Publix EDI process flow.

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