EDI video tutorials for Kroger’s retailers

EDI video tutorials for Kroger’s retailers

Are you a Kroger’s vendor using our EDI Webgate+ application?  Here are some quick and easy videos to help you navigate through our Web EDI portal.


For starters, we had written a complete EDI solutions blog about Kroger’s EDI process flow. This will help you have a general EDI overview of what is EDI and its application in Kroger’s business. In this blog, you will find a video for each EDI implementation step to guide you through your understanding of EDI file format standards.

EDI diagram - EDI process flow

Before anything, create your profile on Webgate+


1. Receive your purchase order on Webgate+


2. Create and send invoice on Webgate+


1. What are the EDI requirements for service bureau customers


Thank you for choosing EDI Gateway


Tips on Kroger’s EDI business rules related to EDI Transactions and supply chains

Not familiar with Kroger’s EDI business rules ?

Here is a blogpost that explain all EDI transactions regarding Kroger’s EDI process flow

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  1. ASK me to install Microsoft Silverlight ?
    Need to get portal access which we do not have in accounting.

    WE are currently sending our invoices already via EDI.

    Need deduction information. I was told to see edi.kroger.com/contact-001.htm. I saw instructions on how to set up for EDI; but no info on portal details for payment deduction information.

    • I have looked in our database and cannot seem to find your company in our client database by the name of Oberto.

      Would you please let me know under what company name you are set-up EDI with so that I can better assist you at info@edigateway.com?

      Our video tutorial contains all the information required to process the EDI transactions with Kroger for our customers, but we also offer live personalised service and will answer any questions you may have.

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