EDI video tutorials for Harvard Drug Group’s retailers

EDI video tutorials for Harvard Drug Group’s retailers

Are you a Harvard Drug Group’s vendor using our EDI Webgate+ application?  Here are some quick and easy videos to help you navigate through our Web EDI portal.


For strarters, a blog was written giving you EDI guidelines regarding Harvard Drug Group business compliance. Here, you will find step by step video to set up your EDI implementation.


EDI diagram - EDI process flow

Before anything, create your profile on Webgate+ :


1. Receive your purchase order


2. Create and send EDI invoice on Webgate+ :



1. What are our EDI requirements Service Bureau :


Thank you for choosing EDI Gateway !


EDI with Harvard Drug Group and the mandatory EDI Transactions its suppliers must comply with

Not familiar with Harvard Drug Group EDI business rules ?

Here is a blogpost that explaning all  mandatory EDI transactions regarding Harvard Drug Group EDI process flow.

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