EDI video tutorials for Federated Coop’s retailers

EDI video tutorials for Federated Coop’s retailers

Are you a Federated Coop’s vendor using our EDI Webgate+ application?  Here are some quick and easy videos to help you navigate through our Web EDI portal.


If it is the first time you work with Federated Coop, you should read our blog explaining all EDI business rules regarding that vendor. It will provide every necessary details about supply chains process and EDI transnational flow. In this blog, you will find easy step by step videos to set up you business with Federated Coop.

edi diagram edi process flow federated coop

Before anything, create your profile on Webgate+ :


1. Receive your purchase order


2. Create and send EDI invoice on Webgate+ :


3. Create and send credit invoice on Webgate+ :


4. Create and send Data Entry Invoice on Webgate+ :


5. Create and send statement 882 on Webgate+ :



1. What are our EDI requirements Service Bureau :


Thank you for choosing EDI Gateway !


This article is to help the vendors and 3PLs serving the retail industry that wish to do EDI integration with Microsoft dynamics 

Not familiar with Fedeated Coop’s EDI business rules ?

Here is a blogpost that explaning all  mandatory EDI transactions regarding Federated Coop’s EDI process flow.

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