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EDI Gateway announces its new VAN services

EDI Gateway, a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, announced the launch of its new VAN services.

In its unwavering commitment to excellence, EDI Gateway continues to embark on new partnerships and collaborative efforts, to further compliment the quality of business solutions and services it offers, all which are geared to accommodate the diverse needs and demands of the industry.

EDI Gateway’s VAN (Value Added Network) services allow for the exchange of EDI transactions through a secure network in a cost-effective and efficient process. The VAN services provide a direct access to all trading partners in one’s network, with affordable EDI VAN solutions, customized to fit the organization’s specific needs. EDI transactions are transmitted safely and securely, with no limit to the kilo characters per EDI transaction.

All active players in the retail supply chain stand to benefit from EDI Gateway’s VAN services; benefits include data Integrity, improved B2B exchanges, secured communication channels, low Kilo Characters rates, 24/7 accessibility, and successful connectivity regardless of the back end office ERP system used. Some of the available communication channel options include: FTP/SFTP, AS2, and HTTPS.

In addition, EDI Gateway offers a monitoring web tool that allows accessing and viewing the EDI transactions being exchanged with every trading partner, at any time, from anywhere.

“After 23 years in the EDI business, it became a natural next step for us to offer VAN services. This allows us to continue to service our customers, who have gone in-house, and to offer a diverse range of EDI services to onboard new customers at any stage of their growth. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all EDI requirements in the Retail industry. This project is another addition to many more launches to come. We are signing partnerships and growing to become the only Canadian point of reference in the EDI industry,” said Sophie Barbara Desilets, COO of EDI Gateway.

About EDI Gateway Inc.
EDI Gateway, an MXS Commerce Group company, is a leading North American service provider who has been helping small to medium size companies become EDI compliant and e-commerce capable since 1993. Specializing in EDI and B2B applications, EDI Gateway offers an array of solutions and services, standardized and customized, developed to accommodate and complement the evolving needs and demands of today’s diverse e-market, in a cost-effective fashion. EDI Gateway is a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, servicing over 2500 customers and their trading partners meeting all EDI and supply chain requirements.

To learn more about our EDI Gateway VAN services, please visit our VAN services description